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Luxury is a dream that becomes reality as if by magic, nowhere with more attention than in luxury hotels

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The most beautiful campus

The campus immerses you in the world of luxury during all your studies. Your motivation is our responsibility: a beautiful school, stimulating lectures based on discussions and activities, field trips, a very good restaurant every day, good Nespresso coffee, very good chairs and Mario Kart to all the breaks should do the trick.

						Entrance of ecole hoteliere de Lausanne
logo VET by EHL
EHL diploma in Paris

Partnership with EHL

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and the Luxury Hotelschool join forces to offer a vocational diploma in hotel administration in Paris. After the baccalaureate, our students add Lausanne to their CV in two years before progressing in the 3rd year of the Bachelor. Paris, Lausanne, luxury... the profile of our graduates is highly sought after throughout the world.

Ranking №1

The Luxury Hotelschool is the best hotel management school in France in the Happy at School ranking. This distinction rewards the fulfillment of our students and the quality of their academic, professional and social experience within the school in the service of their personal development.

Illustration for the Best Management School for Luxury Hospitality Management 2021 by LuxLife magazine

Best Luxury Hospitality Management School


The Luxury Hotelschool Paris was voted Best Luxury Hospitality Management School by LuxLife magazine in 2021 and in 2022, specifically for its significant expertise in the field of luxury and its ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.

Understand luxury

Luxury Experience

The programmes at the Luxury Hotelschool offer the rare opportunity to live the luxury experience, and for example to stay in a top luxur hotel during the first year.

Field trip

The programmes include one-week field trips to Marseille, Barcelona, Reims or Bordeaux to discover major tourist regions.

Open day at the Palace

The Luxury Hotelschool regularly organizes meeting days in Parisian Palaces for future students.


The Luxury Hotelschool has been the school for luxury careers for 30 years, luxury hotels have been sponsoring the graduations since 1996 at the Ritz.

The richly decorated room of the school's restaurant Le Charles

Le Charles restaurant

Discover the secrets of great gastronomy, study the science of wine and the protocol of high-end service in your restaurant Le Charles.


The Bachelor’s degree programme teaches today’s most in-demand luxury hospitality management skills.

Banquet in a beautiful ornated function room at hotel InterContinental Paris
Cocktail workshop at the restaurant

In apprenticeship

Bachelor in apprenticeship, for 3 years after high school or one-year as a top-up after a level-5 diploma in a related discipline. The school assists you to find an employer.

Students in small groups at the lounge with their lecturer
Study in small groups at the lounge

Top-up Bachelor

Study for one year at the Luxury Hotelschool after a level-5 diploma in a related discipline and enter the world of luxury hospitality.

Online introduction on luxury (in French)

Online Bachelor

The online Bachelor teaches today’s most in-demand luxury hospitality management skills over 8 months, with 9 hours of study per week including a 3-hour weekly lecture on Zoom.

						A professor is teaching in a luxurious decor
Lecture in a luxury hotel


Our students continue their studies in Master of Business Administration in partnership with the University of Surrey and the University of Coventry with the Confederation of Tourism ans Hospitality (CTH), authentic Anglo-Saxon Master. The Luxury Hotelschool offers you a double degree with its Leadership Certificate for Luxury Hotels throughout the MBA.

Confederation of tourism and hospitality
University of Coventry
University of Surrey

Sustainable management

Our philosophy: benevolence is the first responsibility of managers, motivation and well-being of their teams are their mission, coaching and diplomacy are their weapons.

Sustainable luxury

Students present their project idetifying the most important sustainable prcatices according to hoteliers.


At school or online, full time or in apprenticeship, our programmes offer the best quality.

Portrait of Michèle Cosma
Michèle Cosma


Michèle Cosma has worked for 15 years in the luxury hotel industry. Director of events in the some of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Paris (Hôtel de Crillon, Prince de Galles, Royal Monceau, The Peninsula and Le Lutetia), she notably took an active part during the inauguration of the Peninsula in 2014 and the reopening of the Lutetia in 2018.


“ The family spirit of the school means that we are all happy to come to work in the morning.”

La Réserve, 2021 sponsor

“The role of the leader is to set the course of a company in terms of an economic or competitive situation. And to give meaning to a project.” says Romain Meiran, General Manager of La Réserve Paris, and sponsor of the 2021 promotion of the Luxury Hotelschool.

Become a leader

Luxury decor made of marble pillars at luxury hotel La Mamounia
Luxury hotel La Mamounia

Alumni network

“ The Luxury Hotelschool has allowed me to structure my passion and acquire the fundamentals for a career in the luxury hotel industry. The quality of the teaching and the support of the faculty gave me the confidence required to join demanding institutions.”

Etienne Haro Directeur de La Mamounia
Christophe Laure hands in his diploma to a graduate to the Luxury Hotelschool
IHG sponsors a graduation

Meet the leaders

“ It is essential for me to meet regularly with the students of the Luxury Hotelschool whose programmes correspond to our universe.”

Christophe Laure Directeur Général de l'hôtel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand

What is a hotel school?

In France, a hotel school is either a hotel management school, that is to say a business school specialising in the hotel industry such; or a high school (lycée) with technical and professional training intended to train operational staff and supervisors and that can offer higher eductation programmes such as HNDs (BTS).

What is taught in a hotel school?

A hotel school teaches operations, management, human resources, marketing and finance with topics such as food and beverage operations and management, front office operations and supervision, housekeeping, management and leadership, cross-cultural management, strategic marketing, revenue management, event management, asset management, city marketing, critical issues in hospitality and tourism, etc.

What is the best a hotel school in France?

With 200 students, a human size, the Luxury Hotelschool is usually not referenced in international rankings. This is also why we are a partner of EHL, which regularly comes in at number 1 in these rankings and offers this international regognition to our graduates in addition to the luxury and parisian distinction of our institution.
QS ranking

The team of the Luxury Hotelschool Paris, international business school dedicated to luxury hospitality, teaches luxury to those who bring it to life in the finest hotels around the world for more than 40 years.

Join one of the best hotel schools in the world. Our philosophy: Happy students learn better.
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