School candidates are received at luxury hotel Le Bristol for an open day.
Enrol in one of the best hotel schools in the world in 5 steps

1. First step: Opening an application file

Fill in your contact details online so that we can contact you quickly and support you in the admission process. It is in particular necessary to indicate your level of studies and your level of English. Add a postal address in Europe to receive the brochure by mail.

Open an application file

2. Your eligibility

The analysis of your file allows us to give you a first mark. We take into account the schools attended and the diplomas prepared, as well as the evaluations from your lecturers. Language skills are also important. If your application is eligible, you will be able to choose a date for your interview.

Undergraduate admission requirements Postgraduate admission requirements

3. Your selection interview

Choose a date for your interview which can take place either on campus or remotely on Zoom. It is this date that determines the session in which you will participate. We will tell you the day of publication of your results during the interview.

Your interview with the management of the Luxury Hotelschool is similar to a job interview in a luxury hotel. The objectives are to test your knowledge of the world of luxury, to understand your professional project and to test your motivation.

For example, we will ask you to introduce yourself in a few minutes, to tell us your main qualities and defaults and to explain what attracts you in the hotel industry and in the world of luxury. We are looking for candidates with a sense of service, good interpersonal skills and with an international outlook.

4. Your admission to the Luxury Hotelschool

The interview score has a double coefficient compared to your application score, and it is the average that will determine your final results.

The results of the first session of the 2021 admissions are published on November 20, 2020. The sessions are increasingly selective, so we recommend that you apply as early as possible. Registrations can however continue until September.

5. Last step: Your registration

Admitted candidates receive the enrollment procedure to the Luxury Hotelschool, which is entirely paperless via Docusign. All intakes take place the first week of October in Paris.

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  • A-level, high school diploma or equivalent, no requirement on the subject
  • CECRL C1 in French, B1 in English
  • No professional background required
  • Open an application
  • A-level, high school diploma or equivalent, no requirement on the subject
  • 500/990 at TOEIC Listening and reading or 6.0 at IELTS
  • No professional background required
  • Open an application
  • Validated first year of a management programme
  • CECRL C1 in French, B2 in English
  • A first professional experience, a placement for example is required but not necessarily in the hotel industry
  • Open an application
  • Level-5 diploma in any discipline (two years of higher education)
  • CECRL B2 in French, B2 in English
  • Students will take the TOEIC test at school on the first week of intake to validate their English level.
  • No professional background required
  • Open an application

Master's admission requirements

  • A Bachelor with merit in a relevant discipline
  • 800/990 at TOEIC Listening and reading or 6.5 at IELTS
  • No professional background required, placements with a recommandation are a plus
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