A campus in the heart of Paris, near Les Palaces

Discover exceptional wines at the Luxury Hotelschool
Discover exceptional wines at the Luxury Hotelschool

Today, wine is a globalised product. It can be enjoyed in Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Cape Town, Bali, New Dehli... Hospitality and catering professionals are thus confronted with new problems with a clientele carrying different cultures, varied eating habits, various consumption patterns...

Previously, a hotelier trained in France was programmed by, and for a French culture in terms of consumption and communication. Today, a professional must deal with the world around him.

This is what we are developing at the Luxury Hotelschool: a great ability to adapt to different cultures and new consumption patterns. Wine pairings, for example, are something sacred in French culture. We're even talking about “marriage.” In France, there are codes and standards, including the geographical norm of combining food and wine from the same region. This was quite valid 20 or 30 years ago, but in today's globalised world, we cannot tell a consumer in Hong Kong that only a Burgundy wine can accompany his Epoisses.

This pattern is no longer relevant. You must see further by opening your mind to the world to delight and surprise in the full understanding of food and wine pairings.