Academic quality

The Luxury Hotelschool has the Happy at School label, a label that rewards the development of students and the quality of their academic, professional and social experience within the school in the service of their personal development. The survey carried out by an external organization among the students of the Luxury Hotelschool consisted in measuring the quality of the facilities, respect for the environment, academic education, student life, but also the strength of relationships with businesses and student confidence in the future.

Demanding students at the Luxury Hotelschool, for example, are 91% satisfied with the close relationships that the school maintains with large hotels; 98% believe that the facilities on Boulevard Haussmann are up to the school's ambitions; and 87% appreciate the technological tools used by the school to follow distance learning courses ... For 30 years, the Luxury Hotelschool has been fully committed to a quality approach of continuous improvement. An approach supported each year by audits carried out within the school. The organization, teams, teachers and methods are regularly assessed and compared with the benchmarks of university requirements on the one hand, and of the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne on the other hand, as part of the joint programs. The Happy at School label thus guarantees the exceptional level of quality of the Luxury Hotelschool Paris training courses.