Anders Justenlund, expert in International Tourism

Anders Justenlund, Senior Lecturer in Global Tourism
Anders Justenlund, Senior Lecturer in Global Tourism

Anders Justenlund is a lecturer at the Luxury Hotelschool since 2017 and holds a Master's degree in Tourism Development from the University of Aalborg in Denmark. During his studies, he worked in public relations at the Royal Danish Embassy in London, providing him with an extensive professional network in the tourism and hospitality sector in Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Today, in parallel with his teaching at the Luxury Hotelschool, he is a lecturer at University College Northern Denmark. Since 2012, he has also been an active member of the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (CHRIE), the leading international organization that supports education and training for the world's largest industry. In particular, he has served as President of EuroChrie and is currently Director of Marketing of International Chrie.

“My professional activities have allowed me to travel the world, make presentations, lead invited conferences and deliver speeches in countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Australia, the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands and many others.”

Its credo: business development, innovation, new creative thinking, business strategy and market understanding with — always — a focus on the international hotel and restaurant industry.

Upon contact and after an introduction to the global tourism and hospitality industry, students at the Luxury Hotelschool learn to use analytical tools to understand the activity of global hotel chains and their operations in the global tourism market; to analyse market segmentation, demands tourism and the impacts of tourism on the destination; to examine sustainable development issues, corporate social responsibility and the impacts of mass tourism, travel and luxury goods that can be a response to the challenges of over-tourism.