Arnaud Bouvier at the service of excellence

Arnaud Bouvier, President of Luxury Hotelschool Paris
Arnaud Bouvier, President of Luxury Hotelschool Paris and Professor of Management and Leadership

A graduate of ESCP, Arnaud Bouvier studied economics at HEC, two of the most prestigious French Grandes Ecoles. After several years as a business banker, he became president of Luxury Hotelschool Paris in 2003. A descendant of the school's founders, he took an early interest in the luxury hotel industry.

To Bachelor and Master students, he teaches management and leadership. “These highly academic courses, based on international research, use case studies, debates and presentations that allow students to analyze and understand the different styles of leadership adopted by hotel managers to communicate, influence, and motivate their teams.”

What method should a manager adopt in the luxury hotel industry to be convincing, engaging and giving meaning to the action of all his employees? Because the impact of the manager depends a lot on his way of expressing himself and presenting himself, Luxury Hotelschool invites the Cours Florent, famous French theatre school, and its teachers, to rate and advise students on their communication.

This communication is multifaceted: verbal (the literal meaning of words), non-verbal (breathing, position, gesture) and para-verbal (rhythm of speech, timbre, volume, strength and melody of the voice). It is by mastering the balance of these three forms of communication that one is of course, and above all well understood...