Corporate Social Responsibility

Our concept of luxury only thrives within an environment where enthusiasm, precision and passion replace stress; where authentic and ethical managers works alongside their teams, offering support rather than supervision and providing training as part of a balanced and understanding relationship. That is why we nurture the well- being of our students, as evidenced by our “Happy at School” accreditation. In this spirit, the school has developed its corporate social responsibility policy, which includes raising students’ awareness of the industry’s efforts to protect the environment and respect nature. The Master’s students notably worked for a year on the Green project to promote sustainable practices in the luxury hotel industry.

The school supports Palana Environnement, a non-profit which works to promote and protect marine and terrestrial ecosystems, using innovative methods and techniques. With the Naturoscope, a nature protection association, ten of our students also collected more than 20 pounds of rubbish in an hour on the Marseille coast!

Over the last few years, the Luxury Hotelschool has reduced its paper consumption, introduced recycled paper and, at the behest of its students, it has also reduced the use of plastic in its restaurant and in everyday life, by replacing all plastic cups with mugs.