Laurent Mauroy, an HR expert for personal development

Laurent Mauroy, expert in human resources management and personal development
Laurent Mauroy, expert in human resources management and personal development

After training at ESCP and obtaining an MBA in Dauphine in HR Management, Laurent Mauroy began his career in the hospitality industry, contributing to the development of new management practices. Her credo? Collaborative management and the evolution of organizations guided by the new positions of managers. At the Luxury Hotelschool since 2004, he teaches Bachelor students in human resources management and personal development.

A significant amount of work is done with students to help them develop their behavioural qualities and leadership, regardless of their future responsibilities. “In order to generate performance within his organization, a manager must encourage the listening and development of his teams, providing support to encourage involvement and autonomy. It is essential, in the hotel industry in particular, to re-examine managerial practices in order to strive towards an organisation centred on employees as much as customers: to create cohesion around a project, to generate innovation, to make the company attractive, to retain talent... Organizations are increasingly agile and based on collective intelligence.”

“In our methods, with the Luxury Hotelschool coaching is thus associated with training in a dual approach: personal development and awareness of leadership posture. It is necessary for students to get to know each other better, to develop a professional project, and to identify the development axes that allow them to be more comfortable in their future responsibilities.”

“The Luxury Hotelschool has a modernist vision. It is a school open to the world that has been able to surround itself with experts from the hotel industry but also from other sectors. Luxury hotels play a leading role in the evolution of managerial practices in the wider hospitality industry, aware that the enchantment of customers requires the necessary enchantment of employees.”