Management in the hospitality industry, income and career development

The annual salary of young graduates of the Luxury Hotelschool reaches 30k for the Bachelor and 37k for the Master
The annual salary of young graduates of the Luxury Hotelschool reaches 30k for the Bachelor and 37k for the Master

Luxury Hotelschool trains managers and leaders in luxury hotels. Of the million people employed in the sector in France, 200,000 occupy management and management positions (20%). Evoked in recent weeks, labour shortages in the hotel industry and issues of working conditions and wages mainly concern the remaining 80%. Estimated at 100,000 positions, the shortage ultimately represents only 10% of the workforce, especially in seasonal positions.

The annual salary of Luxury Hotelschool graduates at the end of school is 30K for Masters and already reaches 37k after 6 months, incomes comparable to those of graduates of major business schools and who, in the hospitality industry, are evolving very quickly, especially in luxury and internationally.

In hotels and restaurants, Michael Page's latest earnings study 2021 reveals the trades with the best entry salaries: Yield/Revenue Manager, Business Travel Advisor and Party Manager. Trades in which graduates of the Luxury Hotelschool hotel school are trained. But also the most requested management positions: Hotel/Operations/Regional Management, Chef, Reservation Manager/Large Accounts/Business Development.

Michael Page also ranks trades by attractiveness and remuneration: Reception Manager, Accommodation Manager, Yield/Revenue Manager, Catering Manager, General Manager. Like many alumni of the school, it is to all of these management and management positions that the graduates of the Luxury Hotelschool claim in the short or medium term.

In addition, the hospitality sector has invested more and more in recent years to reduce the arduousness and hours in operating positions. The health and well-being of employees are an integral part of institutions' thinking and strategy. The Union of Hospitality Trades and Industries (UMIH) is committed to the prevention of occupational risks, the employer must ensure the safety and protection of the health of its employees. It must take the necessary measures to prevent the necessary occupational risks and make its employees aware of these risks.