Master's degree at the Luxury Hotelschool

Luxury Hotelschool students receive their Master's degree at Meurice
Luxury Hotelschool students receive their Master's degree at Meurice

The Master's degree is an Anglo-Saxon university degree obtained in three semesters after the Bachelor's degree. The program specializes in strategy, leadership and intercultural management for luxury hotels. Each year, a group of strictly selected students benefit from very high level courses based on research with numerous case studies and debates on topical topics. Students also take advantage of private lessons to write their essay. Issued jointly with the University of London South Bank, the Master is recognized in France by equivalence.

The program is taught entirely in English, it includes a 6-month graduation internship. The program gets excellent student evaluations as Michaëla Amader, Senior Sales Executive at the Marriott Paris Opéra and graduated in 2014: “What marked me most at the Luxury Hotelschool was leadership courses. If I were to describe the school, I would say it has been a great springboard for me to my career.” One in two students sign a CDI before the end of their internship, 100% of students have a job six months after leaving school. The average wage at the exit is comparable to the salaries of graduates of large schools.

As a reference training for management in international luxury hotels, the Master's degree at the Luxury Hotelschool offers you worldwide recognition with strong skills specific to the hotel sector but also transferable to other sectors.

Combined with our strong partnerships with the major players in the luxury hotel industry, this recognition reserves you a place of choice in the most beautiful hotels and the largest international chains in positions: Supervision in the luxury hotel industry, catering, accommodation as head of department then General management; Function in international hotel group headquarters, in sales, e-distribution, marketing, communication, project manager, development...; Research manager in consulting firms.