Romain Meiran, Managing Director of La Réserve Paris

Managing Director of La Réserve Paris
Managing Director of La Réserve Paris

“Detect and raise talent to install them in a motivating posture. In the hospitality industry, where recruitment is a major challenge, managers must be more than ever listening to their teams and the leader listening to their managers.” Managing Director of La Réserve Paris, sponsor of the 2021 promotion of the Luxury Hotelschool, Romain Meiran conveys his vision of management and leadership to Master's students.

“The role of the leader is to set the course of a company in terms of an economic or competitive situation. And to give meaning to a project. Print a movement and obtain the adhesion and ownership of its managers to achieve the goals. The time of dedicated teams acting mechanically without asking questions is over. Employees need recognition, perspectives and meaning.”

“The leader must thus draw a trajectory, in consultation, and follow the evolution of his young managers and all his employees. It's not necessarily paternalistic leadership, but more a coaching job.”

A leader must also, especially in times of crisis, be reassuring. “You need to be confident and self-confident to take a turn or change course because delaying is not likely to reassure the teams. “*