The well-being of teams is the responsibility of managers

Mind map for welcoming migrants in a hotel created as a student project
This mind map was created during a student project

Because well-being is a source of motivation and motivation is the sine qua non of a good education, the Luxury Hotelschool places the well-being of its students at the top of its priorities. You have to feel good to evolve with ease. You have to be happy and passionate so that the commitment is total.

The well-being of Luxury Hotelschool students is essential so that they can transpose it within their teams when they are managers. For employees to be proactive, show solidarity and creativity, their well-being is an essential prerequisite. Benevolence, humility, sincerity and authenticity are the breeding grounds for the feeling of belonging to a team and a company. A manager must offer conditions conducive to the development of his teams, their motivation, the expression of their personality and their know-how.

“Benevolence is the manager's first responsibility,” says Arnaud Bouvier, President of the Luxury Hotelschool. “Motivation and the well-being of teams are her mission. Coaching and diplomacy are his weapons. The manager must have confidence in himself and in his employees. Especially in the luxury hotel industry where the demand for quality is extreme, it is now essential to believe in human nature to re-enchant teams and let their passion for the profession express itself.”

“In our courses, we are revising the basics of management. We make our students understand, see and above all accept that having confidence in your teams is essential, no matter what happens. Defending them, helping to protect them to the end, even when it is difficult, is not to be weak. And it can work!”