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What is a hotel school?

In France, a hotel school is either a school with technical and professional training intended to train operational staff and supervisors, or a hotel management school, that is to say a business school specialising in the hotel industry. The Luxury Hotelschool Paris is a hotel management school with university programmes specialising in luxury.

What is taught in a hotel school?

A hotel school teaches operations, management, human resources, marketing and finance with topics such as food and beverage operations and management, front office operations and supervision, housekeeping, management and leadership, cross-cultural management, strategic marketing, revenue management, event management, asset management, city marketing, critical issues in hospitality and tourism, etc.

What is the best a hotel school in France?

The Luxury Hotelschool Paris is the only hotel school in France to prepare a Master's degree, it is thus the school with the highest academic level.
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